Graphic Design Blog

Hello! My name is Andria I am a graphic design student on my last term yay! This is my first time writing a blog and even though I am not the best writer I hope that it will at least be an interesting somewhat comprehendible read. This design blog is going to showcase web design as well as graphic design and some design related news.

Graphic Design is something that I love. It is one of those things that require the person to be really passionate; it has to be something you have your heart set on, as it demands a lot of attention. It is always changing and you have to be on top of new trends and styles, but it is something that you have to teach yourself. With graphic design, you can have professors and mentors who can help you with techniques with programs, but most of the time you have to teach yourself. You are the one doing the work and you have to figure out different tricks that work for you. The only one who can figure out when a project is done is the designer. Even though clients will want this or that from you, in the end it is your creation and it is your job to mesh your vision with your clients and that should be present in the work.

I love that with graphic design I have the ability to express myself through the work that I create. There are guidelines to follow, but with knowledge and experience within the field you might find that you don’t even need those guidelines. You can choose what it is you want to do; you have to motivate yourself to grow and expand your skill set. It takes dedication and that is why I love it. I hope that with this blog I can share my passion with readers… hopefully I get some soon!

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